Who to follow on Twitter

The NZ top Tweeter lists (one, two, three) probably did exactly what the Herald wanted it to – create a lot of page views. MUCH debate ensued as to whether your own humble tweet collection of chatter with your mates, with the odd artful zinger is as worthy as some breakfast jock’s.

Only you and your sense of self worth can decide that of course, but I bet I wasn’t the only one dialling up the Herald stories on the bus to see if their undiscovered genius had been validated by the paper with the sharks on it.

Yes, some of the people on the lists deserved to be on a list, some didn’t, and some people who should have been there weren’t. No shit. And surely trying to put a rank or value on the community, comedy and creativity we Kiwis produce 140 characters at a time every single day misses the point of Twitter itself.

Anyway. Part of the fun of Twitter is figuring out how it works and who to follow. I can highly recommend the people I like to talk to on Twitter, both the ones that are on the Herald’s lists and the ones that aren’t. Me, I like my Twitter stupid, and in the interests of drawing a veil on the whole debate, while making your Twitter more stupid, here are my favourite comedy Twitter accounts. Your results may vary, etc.

@Humblebrag – celebs with no filter

@WOMANATBIGSAVE – Like the ads. I’m convinced I know who does this

@cat_ebooks and @horse_ebooks (Read about one man’s quest to track @horse_ebooks down) – Wisdom, every day

@clientsfh – What designers say when you put the phone down

@willielose – The big fella struggling manfully through a cruel, cruel world

@big_ben_clock – BONG

@timeskull – I’ve got no idea what’s happening here, but I love it

@watershitdown – Biting political insight

@WeirdHorse – What it says on the tin

@ruthbourdain – Weird food

@ShittingtonUK – Just follow

@fireland – Comedy stylings, etc

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