Napster ‘99 all over again

Remember when Napster was a free for all? It was bloody magic, I was working in Dublin at the time downloading CRAPLOADS of music on a Celtic Tiger-provided high speed connection. The best bit was thinking “what about that one song I liked back in ’86?” – a quick search and there it was, you could go get those memories back.Now YouTube is doing the same with video, so get in there before killjoys with talk of ‘copyright’ and the like get it shut down. You’ll find all your own crap in no time, but here’s a selection of mine:Ricky Gervais’ band.
The oft-mentioned, never seen Seona Dancing. Paul Merton’s Room 101 show forces Rick to sit through his bad 80s haircut nightmare, he’s not all that amused by the look.Atari Ad. (nicked from Boing Boing)
All Ads should be like this. The usual disparity between promises made on the ad and / or box for old video games and what it actually LOOKED LIKE holds true here.

Sigmund the Seamonster
Here’s one of those ‘Do I really remember that, or was I that jacked up on sugar as a child I just hallucinated it?” questions answered. Yes, Sigmund exists.

The numbers / pinball song from Sesame Street – you know what I’m talking about.

Swearing Hamster
This is just really rude. And funny. (NSFW audio).

Go nuts – it won’t be like this forever, there’s endless music videos on there, as well as your favorite bits from your favorite films. Just don’t expect to get much done in the near future, you’ve been warned.

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