Unplugged in Opito Bay


I went off the grid for a few days with my girl. As I left the office on Friday, I wrestled with my conscience – does the laptop come or stay? With my T3G card, I get reasonable  connection pretty much anywhere – but that’s not really a holiday is it? It wound up staying.

So, apart from a couple moments of PDA email weakness, I was unplugged. And it was great. Spent quality time. Got loads of reading done. Ate well.

Learnings? NEVER check work email while you’re away, it’ll only stress you out – there’s not much you can do about it, is there? And what about returning to 500+ unread RSS items? Time for a good old trim, methinks, going through that seems too much like work.

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  1. Sam Farrow Avatar

    I can’t last sans online for long; most of it is FOMO.

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