Bullet Points

It’s a beautiful blue sky day in Auckland. Here’s some bullet point for the long weekend.
– Thinking of original stuff to put on your blog is HARD.
– We came third in the quiz this week.
– Mother of all Score! Reports is coming soon.
– Go out and buy Samuel Flynn Scott’s album ‘Hunt Brings Us To Life‘ immediately.
– What was the Super 14 all about? Part of me wanted to turn off and play Singstar, but it felt un-kiwi to do so. Blah. What happened to playing during the day, eh?
– If you like FARK’s photoshop competitions, this is the best for ages (warning – bandwidth sucker here).
– How do YOU explain blogs to people who’ve never heard of them? Would they work at your place of business, either for customers or for people within the company? I have just launched blogging for the extended team (about 2000 people) at my work, feeling kind of nervous…

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