Being there : Danny Bhoy at the St James 170506

He’s almost too NICE to be a comedian. He came on with a big smile that never wavered, even when a god squadder took vocal exception to his (really, very inoffensive) ruminations on religion. In response, he sung a ‘typical hymn’ – “God is Great, we’re all shit”. Bull’s eye, I think he may have encountered this kind of heckler before. I thought the interruption would fire him up, but it didn’t break his meandering stride – Danny is a good humoured and very (very) laid back character.

His observational comedy gently took the piss out of the Scots, Aussie cricketers, Kiwi men buying drinks, himself and, hilariously, chickens, to name just a few. He has the same trick as his fellow Glaswegian Billy Connelly of going on monumental tangents that make you worry he won’t finish stories he started – but like BC, he always came back.

DB is a physical comedian, skipping about the stage in delight for much of the show, particularly during his musical routines. Charmingly, he finds himself very funny, and gets away with it – he had the audience queueing up to eat from his hand. He seems like a lovely bloke, the kind you’d like to drink heavily with, and then have on your side when talking your way out of trouble. A highly recommended and refreshingly positive comedian.


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