Just heaps of dolphins

This was on the return from a trip to Astrolabe Reef to scatter my uncle’s ashes.

It was an emotional and fascinating day. He was a mad keen diver from the days where you wore a rugby jersey rather than a wet suit and saying goodbye in such a beautiful spot with perfect seas and weather felt appropriate.

It was the first time I’d been out and talking to his diving mates about their trips there and how well the Rena crew had done to hit that itty bitty reef in the massive, vast ocean brought home what a fluke it was. A bloody shame. There was a coast guard boat out there keeping an eye on the area, it’s always there, along with a handful of fishing boats who seemed to be going all right, and a seal.

These dolphins joined us for a while on the way back. Apologies for portrait video but it seemed right for capturing the moment, and I was crapping myself about dropping the work phone over the side.

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