Hear me say ‘um’ and ‘yinnow’ a lot

Dylan and Morgan at the @discoursenz podcast were kind enough to have me on the show, to talk @telecomnz.

My bit is from about four minutes in, and goes for about ten minutes. I hang around for some of the rest of it too.

Discourse NZ Episode 3.12: Minty Fresh

I enjoyed myself – it’s quite an experience to appear on a podcast you listen to every week, you have to keep reminding yourself you’re *on*, not just listening to an episode at your computer and that you really should say something every now and again.

If you don’t listen to Discourse, you should. It’s not easy putting together an hour’s worth of interesting, funny and well produced audio every week, and the chaps are doing it for free. Get in there, rate the show, etc.

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