Clickity clack, proper typing’s back

Apple’s Extended II Keyboards and their ‘proper’ clicking keystrokes are back, thanks to Griffin’s iMate ABD – USB converter.  Coveted by the likes of Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber, they feel very different to mushy, modern keyboards. Think more electric typewriter.

Apple Extended Keyboard II

Good examples go on Ebay for big money, but I got one of the coveted model M3501s off Trademe for NZD$1, and a slightly cleaner one from Macnut, a ‘highly recommended A+++ would trade again’ trader if ever there was one, for NZD$12. It looks fantastic next to my iMac, it feels good to have this logo back.

My setup

It feels ‘right’, and the din suggests an air of effortless productivity. I’m missing the volume up and down keys and extra USB slot of my old keyboard, but it’s fully worth it. Next project – making a cardboard template for those keyboard shortcut guides.

Link: Low End Mac on the Extended II.

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  1. big myke Avatar

    Hey, i have a spare M0115 (that’s the extended keyboard I), if there are any weirdos out there that want one.
    i’d be willing to swap it for an adb/usb converter(why are they so expensive?) so i can use my other one.

  2. Richard Irvine Avatar
    Richard Irvine

    Heh, thanks Mike – I’ve got two of the Extended IIs, so I’ll be right 🙂 I agree the ADB – USB adapte IS expensive for what it is, though. Griffen needs some competition!

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