Literary douche of the week

You know, sometimes you read an article so paper-cut irritating you have to carry it to your computer and type it out. Today, it’s the Sunday Star-Times’ ‘Bedside Table’ spot, that interviews well-known New Zealanders on their reading. Today it’s The Edge FM’s Vaughan Smith.

The most overrated book you’ve read?
The Babysitter Club series. My sister went on and on about them and although I admired the characters for setting up a young enterprise like they did, I felt the story were a little predictable, and the protagonists were very similar in all situations.

Is there a classic or several that you feel guilty that you’ve never read?
Nah. If I like the sound of it, I will read it. Catcher In The Rye sounds boring.

What sways you the most when choosing your next book?
If I’ve heard about it. If it’s doing good on the Whitcoulls’ best seller list. Go Whitcoulls! And the cover. I believe you can tell a book by its’ cover.

Jaysus. Parking for the moment the fact this ‘madcap’ ‘DJ’ seems to be a fuck-knuckle ass-clown of the highest order, I just want to ask, is this the best the SST can come up with for their books section? That’s right, the books section in NZ’s largest Sunday Paper. Books. This guy can’t doesn’t even read. Could you imagine this in The Observer? What’s next? Interviewing a hunger-striker about their favourite Sunday roasts? 20 questions for a nudist on the fashions of the day?

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  1. Leg Break Avatar

    Believe me.

    Catcher in the Rye is well worth reading.

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