Dress you up in my love

Here’s a great article on fans who dress up like their idols from Chuck Klosterman.

It is perfectly normal to love the music of Rod Stewart, and not unnatural to feel that appreciating Never A Dull Moment says something essential about who you are; it is, however, pretty goddamn weird to try physically to resemble Rod Stewart while watching him perform in concert.

My own awkward attempts to look like a pop star may or may not include the following:

Cardigans – perfect for showing off the latest band t-shirt at the gig, these
– A chain and padlock – single outing, EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Sid Vicious must have suffered terribly from rashes
Leather jacket, natch. Urban rumours said you’d be beaten up for them randomly in the street, though
Floppy fringes were huge, and got slightly out of control. High school rules stipulated hair must be above the collar – there’s no collar at the FRONT, though is there?
Paisley shirt – I resisted the other signature ‘Gurus look of waistcoat over bare chest,  luckily
– A fawn corduroy Levi’s jacket

Quite a few of these items had to be rescued from Mum’s attempts to ‘disappear’ them in the wash. I’d be greatly interested in comparing notes with Keith Richards on this.

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