– where to-dos go to die

I’ve been using since April 2005, and saved 2200 pages to the site. Recording and tagging my web travels is great, stopping all those wonderful links from slipping into the digital never-never land. Firefox makes link getting really easy, with Apple or Ctrl – click I get a good eight or ten tabs open in no time in a light surfing sesh: Apple-click! Ctrl-click! Apple-click! You should see me go. Then it’s a simple tag – release with the extension. No problem.

Trouble is, now my page is more or less a dumping ground for stuff I’m never going to do – I’ve got 605 ‘toreads’, 415 ‘toblogs’ and 95 ‘todos’. There’s even 27 tobuys – unlikely, to say the least. When I do get some web-reading time, I’ve got plenty of material just waiting, and all those links are bloody handy for link-blogging, but still – it’s the digital equivalent of a tire fire.

Languishing further down there’s loads of tags with one site each, like bobbyfischer, cohenbrothers, gambling, ikkahalso, and nationallampoon (along with bolg, bloggign, and bloggin – mis-spellings are very popular with me).

What I really need to do is sit down one weekend and re-tag them all properly. But hang on – what kind of douche-hat loser seriously contemplates expending valuable leisure time re-arranging tags for fun? I mean, I saw Revenge Of The Nerds. I keep on expecting a hairy gaggle of Jocks in cardigans with big letters on them to come around the corner and hit me with a keg. Or something.

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