As children we all loved Garfield, only to grow up and realise his “cynical” take on the world appeals mainly to people who live alone with only a freezer full of ice cream for company. So, you’ll love Garfield minus Garfield. Do you think this would work with Wal and The Dog?

Portishead are back, and The Observer reckons they’re better than ever.

Spin The Black Circle is a very frustrating game. It reminds me of the games you used to get on fish and chip shop walls, kind of a cross between the golf and the ball pinging ones.

Popless is Onion AV Club’s Noel Murray documenting a year where he refuses to listen to any new music, instead documenting his (extensive) record collection. He’s a very experienced reviewer and great writer, which is lucky, ‘cos it’s almost March, and he’s only up to C.

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  1. Joanna Avatar

    Those Garfields make me both laugh and want to cry in equal amounts, it’s genius!

  2. Richard Irvine Avatar
    Richard Irvine

    Heh, yeah, there’s so many ways to read it – I reckon Garfield died from a massive, massive lasagne-induced heart attack years ago, and John still roams the house talking to a cat that isn’t there anymore.

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