New Toy

New Toy

My place of work has been so goodly kind to shout me a shiny new Okta Touch.

First thoughts: It’s sexy. Real sexy. Sexy as really cold beer on a hot day. This is my first real PDA, and all my ‘I just want a PHONE, man’ thoughts melted effortlessly away in no time.

It’s got a touch screen, and despite not having an ‘I’ in front of its name, its really well put together. The OS is more complicated than my old Nokia, but it’s not bad. I can do everything with my thumb, pretty much, I was worried I’d have to use the stylus the whole time, which is less than ideal for tapping out a quick SMS. It’s got touch-screen Qwerty keyboard, it’ll be interesting to see if I can get any actual writing done with it.

Here’s the Stuff and Geekzone reviews. I’ll post more thoughts as we go.

It IS missing a bottle opener, though.

140208 UPDATE: Hmmm yes, I still like. The TouchFlo (many, many manhours would have gone into that name, team) bit where you phone, text and email contacts in a few strokes is magic. Flipping this nicely animated menu around with your thumb makes you feel like Buck Rogers ordering a pizza. A pizza from the future.

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