It lives!

Aaaaand… I’m back. Since January, I’ve been mostly blogging at sportreviewnz.sportreviewnz started with links to sports stories I found interesting, and reviewing my old sports books. Then I started doing my sporting ‘cartoons’ (I always put that in quotes. It doesn’t seem right to include my farking around with photoshop, powerpoint and swearing in the same genre as what Tom Scott, Bill Watterson and Charles Shulz do/did).

There were two World Cups this year, Cricket and Rugby, and I started writing satire – I really enjoy this, NZ sport takes itself very, very seriously indeed and needs more stupidity, I say. Here’s one of my favs. And another. And another. And another. One more. Some of them got pretty random and got no reaction, like the All Black body parts and ‘Tagotown. I thought they were funny. Heh.

Right now, I’m a little burned out on it. Real life work keeps getting busier also. I’ve dipped me toe in the water here, and it’s OK, but I’ll stick to the ‘keeping up with me mates’ angle rather than the ‘OMGZERS, I got BIG MOTORBIKE, Come RAce ME and BUY me a DRINK’ stuff.

What about all the other stuff in life, like my new imac, my tightfisted approach to buying movies and music, and the sad fact I’ve spent much of my free time in the last week re-genre-ing my itunes library? Where does that fit on a shoddy sports parody blog? It doesn’t, so I’m getting the band back together here on Chartered Trips. I’ve missed it, and it’ll hopefully kickstart more writing on the other channel too.

Update : I’ve just looked through the archives, and this blog has only ever had one comment! What a beauty.

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