Welcome to scenic San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas is a pretty sweet game. I don’t have the commitment (or the time) to really charge through it, but at the moment I’m in an ‘interesting bit’, so I’m playing a little more. You get to run around (and create mayhem) in amazing replicas of Los Angeles (which I’ve FINALLY done), San Francisco (where I’m up to now), and Las Vegas (looking forward to it).

This article looks at the similarities between GTA SA and real life buildings. In a very cool move, there’s even a replica of John Lautner’s Chemosphere (left) – my dream house.

Actually, in the spirit of journalistic disclosure, I should point out the most fun to be had is finding large groups of people to wipe out, as messily as possible, and taking photos of the carnage with the camera that’s so thoughtfully provided. Should I be worried?


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  1. Alcuin Bramerton Avatar
    Alcuin Bramerton

    I think you should be worried. Your dream home is an eyesore. And America seems to have addled your brain.

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