Aphex Twin’s Fenix Funk MP3 online

I love Aphex Twin – and here’s a taste of his new compilation kindly provided by MP3 blog music for robots. It’s a typical ‘Twin track, with all kinds of electronic squiggles and weird voices – then just when you think ‘what gives? This thing’s not going anywhere’ it all comes together nicely with strings and that. Then it does something completely different. Three or four times.

Here’s the MP3 link – get in quick.

I’m not sure of the ideal time to listen to Aphex Twin – it’s bloody impossible to dance to (I’ve never really tried), and your mum is going to hate it. I tend to go for listening to when working – the headphones are ideal for picking up all the hidden intricacies (and there are a LOT of hidden intricacies), and he inevitably takes you off somewhere else – just the thing for concentrating.


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