So, so Lowe

The Guardian’s not too impressed with Breaks Co-Op:

“…their turntable-enhanced, take-it-easy folk-rock is for anyone who wishes Crosby, Stills & Nash had stuck around for trip-hop”.

Fair play, Zane has done really (really) well in the UK as a DJ and MTV host, but Breaks Co-Op are still shit. I was at the New Year’s Eve show at the Town Hall (An all ages, dry event), and found them pretty sucky, musically they’re sub Dad-rock at its lowest point, and you can see why it was the soundtrack at this summer’s blandest BBQs at the homes of those who don’t really care about music. Anyway, Zane walked on stage waving at the crowd like the long lost returning hero, forgetting that very few people there a) knew who he was or b) cared. He didn’t shut up either, which was predictable. He does play a mean bongo, though.

PS The writer has totally nailed Zane’s patronising “I know SO much more than you about shit” style on the radio, too:

“Zane Lowe, a man whose endearingly stern enthusiasm can make the release of a new Razorlight single sound like a matter of national import”.

Nice shot.


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