Shall we talk about the weather?

Auckland’s weather has been bloody crazy lately. What about this?

Friday – it’s OK, just an average cloudy day, then about 9.30, BAM – the rain drums so hard on the roof you have to turn the TV up to hear, and even then you’re struggling. It’s just RELENTLESS, and I had to go to the window to watch it come down. The Greenlane sky looks kind of alive and glowing, the road is flooding, and I’m wondering if driving to the shore is such a good idea. Don’t fancy being on the bridge in this.

This lasts about half an hour, then stops completely. I make it to the shore in one piece. “What about that rain?” “What rain?”

Saturday – it’s sunny and fine. And humid. So, so humid. I play Tennis for an hour and I’m dripping. It takes a good two hours and a very cold shower to stop being so, well, red. We sleep with the fan on.

Sunday – rains all day. Tennis is off. I get cabin fever cooped up in the lounge, and it’s still too hot. We go out for a walk on the beach to blow the cobwebs late on, and it gets dark very quickly. Go to bed that night, and it’s still humid, even late.

I love the weather here.


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