Here’s another article I’m posting just ‘cos of one great quote, from Alex James, Blur’s bass player :

“And that’s what pop music is, really, a big relentless grin. That your brain just finds irresistible.”

Yep, Pop music is great, as anyone who’s ever listened to a song 12 times in a row can attest to. See also:
– Crash by the Primitives
– Heavenly Pop Hit by The Chills
– Don’t Call Me Baby by Voice Of The Beehive
– Alimony by the Hummingbirds
– Heironymous by The Clouds
– That Ain’t Bad by Ratcat (What IS it with Aussies, eh?)
– Just What I Needed by The Cars
– Atomic by Blondie

I could go on and on… Go! Team do a nice line in this kind of thing, also.


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