Last BBQ of the summer

I held the last BBQ of the summer at me flat on Saturday night. I reckon it’s a safe bet it’ll be the last because a) no-one else would be foolish enough to hold a BBQ in the dark and b) summer is bloody over, as yesterday’s monsoon / hurricane in Auckland proved.

Anyway, where’s what I learned:
1. If you invite 30 people, and spend the day panicking about feeding everyone and rushing about spending all your cash getting enough food, only half will actually turn up
2. And the vast majority that food won’t be eaten anyway
3. Putting ALL the steaks and sausages on the BBQ at once will ensuring mediocre BBQing all round
4. There is definitely a man shortage, if the number of single females (quite a few) to single males (none) is anything to go by
5. Putting a sign on the door telling people to go around to the back door is a bad idea when there’s no lights out the back
6. If you think you’re running out of beer, and get latecomers to bring you more, you won’t drink any of the new stuff
7. Sing Star is a lot more fun when you’ve had a few
8. It’s one thing to learn a whole lot of songs on the guitar people can sing along to. YOU have to be able to remember WHAT THEY ARE when you’re drunk
9. Getting up early to clean up then going back to bed is a great idea

I really enjoyed myself,and I think everyone else did, too. It’s a good feeling to put a whole bunch of your mates in a room and see if they get on.

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