Middle Of The Roadkill

I really like loud electric guitars and all the dirty-as noises they make. I used to spend hours with distortion pedals trying to make sounds as f**cked up as possible, and the opening chords of Mudhoney’s ‘Sweet young thing ain’t sweet no more’, one of the dirtiest, shittiest sounding bits of distortion ever recorded… well, it doesn’t get any better.

But really, I love the soppy stuff. I knew there was something badly wrong when I listened repeatedly to the Boogie Nights soundtrack. Night Ranger’s ‘Sister Christian’? Alright, it’s played when Eddie and crew rob the lunatic druggie guy, one of the coolest bits in the film, but ELO for f**k’s sake? Come ON.

But when you think about it, it all kind of makes sense. I love the Beach Boys, and Pet Sounds with all those layered ‘eeeeehhhhhs’ ‘ahhhhhhhhhs’ and ‘ohhhhhhhhhs’ is just a beautiful, beautiful record. And even Husker Du, underneath all those squalls of black noise, really, really want to be a power pop band. Check out their version of the Mary Tyler Moore theme for exhibit A.

Anyway, all this rambling has only lead up to me being able to copy and paste this quote from this Guardian article. Apparantly there’s a soft rock revival on at the moment: “If kids grow up with their dad listening to the Jam and the Clash, where’s their rebellion going to come from? How are you going to wind your dad up? Well,” he chuckles, “playing fucking Supertramp will really wind your dad up.”


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