Meet Katz FB

Katz FB is the logo of the mighty Katz FB, the pub quiz team I’ve played for in the last couple of years.

Katz FB came about on the first night I played – I’d had a couple of pints already, and thought “we need a logo” – and lo – Katz FB was born. Katz FB stands for Katz Front Bottom – so this is basically a view of a fat cat from behind. God bless Guinness.

Since then, I’ve drawn a new one every week. Then I even started keeping them (!). They’re done on 10.5 x 7cm bits of paper ripped from A4, with whatever ball point I happen to have on me. I have a lot of fun with it, they seem feckin hilarious after a few beers, and some of them are even funny the next day. I’m going to share some with y’all.

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