I’m Richard Irvine, welcome to my blog.

richardirvine.com is a kind of personal blog that’s morphed into kind of a professional one.

I work at Fonterra in digital and social media and started in May 2015. Before that I was digital manager at New Zealand Cricket and before that I was social media manager at Telecom New Zealand.


I should really say that views expressed are *my* fault, not my employer’s.

You might like my sport blog, where I create ‘original’ ‘content’. It tries to be funny, but… you know. It’s updated much more a bit more frequently than this one.

Press, etc
Talking BLACKCAPS, Telecom, sportreview.net.nz and other stuff on Radio Live’s Sunday Social show [May 2014].

Talking alternative cricket commentary online on Radio New Zealand’s Mediawatch, February 2014 [sportreview.net.nz link].

Talking responsible corporate Facebook use on 3 News, August 2012.

Talking Telecom and a bit of cricket on the NZ Digital Podcast, 14 May 2013.

Talking NZC job in the NBR, April 2013.

Talking commentators and bloggers on Radio New Zealand’s Mediawatch, August 2008 [sportreview.net.nz link].


This site
The most popular post on this site is a plain language guide to faster broadband with a master filter or splitter.

There’s a few general thoughts on social media – social media policies, unfollowing people on Twitter (and who to follow on Twitter), trolls and memes.

Here’s a look at all the stuff I carry with me on a cricket tour.

You might like to know which Android Twitter app I reckon is best (you may not too) and which photo sharing app I like.

Last couple of years I’ve posted my mobile phone photos of the year – 2011, 2012 and 2013.

I’ve also posted all my Twitter avatars, first edition, second and third. They get progressively stupider.

I’m in my mid late very late 30’s early 40s and live in Auckland’s sunny East Coast Bays with a wonderful partner and our two kids.

Feedback / comments to [richard (at) richardirvine dot com], without all the spaces and that, you’ll work it out.


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