I’m Richard Irvine, welcome to my blog.

richardirvine.com is a kind of personal blog that’s morphed into kind of a professional one. I am Online and Communication Advisor at NZ Cricket – previously I was social media manager at Telecom New Zealand.


Press, etc
Talking BLACKCAPS, Telecom, sportreview.net.nz and other stuff on Radio Live’s Sunday Social show [May 2014].

Talking alternative cricket commentary online on Radio New Zealand’s Mediawatch, February 2014 [sportreview.net.nz link].

Talking responsible corporate Facebook use on 3 News, August 2012.

Talking Telecom and a bit of cricket on the NZ Digital Podcast, 14 May 2013.

Talking NZC job in the NBR, April 2013.

Talking commentators and bloggers on Radio New Zealand’s Mediawatch, August 2008 [sportreview.net.nz link].


This site
The most popular post on this site is a plain language guide to faster broadband with a master filter or splitter.

There’s a few general thoughts on social media – social media policies, unfollowing people on Twitter (and who to follow on Twitter), trolls and memes.

Here’s a look at all the stuff I carry with me on a cricket tour.

You might like to know which Android Twitter app I reckon is best (you may not too) and which photo sharing app I like.

Last couple of years I’ve posted my mobile phone photos of the year – 2011, 2012 and 2013.

I’ve also posted all my Twitter avatars, first edition, second and third. They get progressively stupider.


I should really say that views expressed are *my* fault, not my employer’s.

You might like my sport blog, where I create ‘original’ ‘content’. It tries to be funny, but… you know. It’s updated much more a bit more frequently than this one.

I’m in my mid late very late 30’s early 40s and live in Auckland’s sunny East Coast Bays with a wonderful partner and our two kids. I look mostly like this:


And like this.

Feedback / comments to [richard (at) richardirvine dot com], without all the spaces and that, you’ll work it out.

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