This site is my online crash pad, it’s a bit messy but there’s some good stuff if you’re prepared to dig around and get messy. Take your shoes off, it’s fine.


I’m mainly interested in my family, comms, PR, digital and social media, cricket, reading, listening to music, playing guitar, binging Scandi crime drama and sleeping.

Work-wise, I’ve worked for Telecom (Spark), New Zealand Cricket and Fonterra, all at the intersection of communications and digital and social media. I am a comms person that does digital, not yer buzzword / funky eyewear kind of carry on.

I’m really proud I’ve been able to contribute to three significant New Zealand organisations.

I’ve experienced several high profile crisis management scenarios, including the Christchurch Earthquakes, the Abstain brouhahah (remember that?!?), Yahoo email and network outages, this last innings collapse (woe!), bobby calves, water issues and vendor payments.

You can find out more about me work-wise on Linked In.

I’ve developed the odd website over the years – check out

Here I am rabbiting on about cricket and social media:

Here’s some ‘highlights’ from the site:

Mobile phone photo yearly reviews –  2011, 2012, 20132014 and 2015.

Twitter avatars – first edition, second and third. They get progressively stupider.

There’s a few general thoughts on social media – social media policies, unfollowing people on Twitter (and who to follow on Twitter), trolls and memes.

Here’s all the stuff I carry with me on a cricket tour.