Dining – Q @ The Westin

Sth island wild boar. Channeling my inner obelix.

My main was the Rack of South Island Wild Boar with a roast apple. It was a little bit chewy in places, but nothing to do with how it was cooked, which was beautifully. I got three generous sized ‘racks’ and a bit of pork belly, which didn’t last too long. Birthday Girl went for the Baked Whole Baby Snapper with lime and coriander which, again, was cooked to perfection. Few bones in that one though, as BG pointed out, sometimes it’s easier to get fish with bones in, then at least you can see them to eat around.

Turns out I had room for desert – Warm Sticky Date Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, played straight down the middle and VERY yummy.

It’s a great looking restaurant, and a very nice room to eat in as it’s divided up into lots of half a dozen tables, creating an intimate feeling, even though there were a couple of other large groups in at the same time. We had a great view of the kitchen too. The service was friendly, with great timing. Our fellow diners were a fairly entertaining lot too, we walked in past a couple having a huge row, who it turned out were sitting a couple of tables over. They didn’t let it spoil their night. Just as we were leaving an Australian couple turned up for a late meal about as drunk as you can be without falling over. ‘Don’t pressure me’ said she when the waiter had been back to their table for about the fourth time.  He handled them very nicely too.

Recommended. dineout.co.nz reckons the toilets are spectacular too, but we didn’t check them out. Gutted.

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