My garden is going to kick your garden’s arse

So this year, I’m growing Tomatoes for the first time ever.

My garden consists of six Tomato plants (Tommy Toe and Dynamo), one bucket of Potatoes, and a big-arse Rosemary plant so far. They were my first ever father’s day gifts (awww!).

I really want to get a big-arse Basil plant and a big-arse Coriander going too. I’m thinking of trying beans. I may have to get a watering system going for when we’re @ the beach.

Everything seems to be thriving so far, they’re out on the back porch, getting loads of afternoon sun.


Click the pic to make big.

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  1. AP Avatar

    “Tomato” plants?? We lurve “tomatoes”!

  2. Richard Irvine Avatar
    Richard Irvine

    Take it up with the Oxford Dictionary, fella!

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