Get serious about lunch

Like eating? Like eating in Auckland? Like eating stuff that’s not crap? Like paying feck-all for it?

If you answered ‘yes’to all the above, you need to check out Auckland Cheap Eats Reviews – fine lunching for the tight of fist.

My mate is reviewing Auckland’s out of the way eateries, dish by dish. My favs are the Mee Goreng, the Mutton Thali, and of course, the wondrous Xotic.

ACER is going to point you gently away from McDonalds and toward the authentic, proper food that’s all around us – and tell you where to park. Here‘s a bit about where he’s coming from. Get in there.

BTW, never trust anyone telling you breakfast is the most important meal of the day. LUNCH. Now there’s a meal.

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