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– Rob Manuel, co-founder of B3TA is an inspirational kind of guy, as you can see. I’ve been thinking about creativity and burnout a lot recently, you will find all the answers you need here. Possibly.

– I’m a WICKED procrastinator. I sat down to write this blog post and… and… Hey that was COOL, I wonder what happening over on the internet? You see? It’s as easy as that. Lifehacker’s got all the answers, though, this post reminds me of being at Uni and couldn’t possibly THINK about studying until my bed was made, my room was tidy, and that pesky box full of old Rip It Ups under the bed was all cleared out.

Sesame Street pinball video, the one that goes “One, two, three, FOUR FIVE, six, seven, eight, NINE, TEN, etc etc. I use to hum this for ages as a child, usually while kicking shit out of something. Happy days.

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