Life begins at thirty

Having leapt the 30 hurdle (ahem) a couple of years ago, I was interested to read this article, 59 things a man should never do after 30. I don’t agree with all of it (I quite like hacky sack and air drumming, and what’s wrong with fireworks?), but they’re basically on the right track. Let’s add a few more.

Things Men shouldn’t do after 30, numbers 60 – 72.
60. Drink alocopops (actually, men shouldn’t do this at all)
61. Switch which sports team you support – this goes for Rugby, Football, whatever. Moving cities or countries is simply NOT an excuse for this
62. Know what the number one song is at the moment
63. Go in a mosh pit under any circumstance, except losing a contact lens
64. Wear jewelry
65. Rollerblade
66. Get anything waxed
67. (Hey, this easier than I thought!) Goatees = bad
68. Same goes for pony tails, hippy
69. And piercings
70. Canvas belts are out, too
71. Use a ring tone from a (s)hit song on your mobile
72. Spend more than $25 on a haircut


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