Coupland / Morrissey uninterview

If you’ve never checked out the Observer Music Monthly, you’re shit. I really miss my London Sunday morning coffee / panadol / Observer mission, there was just so MUCH to read once you’d lugged it home.

Thankfully, the Guardian unlimited website is excellent, and you can get all the magazines online. This month I was excited to see Douglas Coupland interviewing Morrissey – one of my teenage heroes. Seeing him at the Logan Campbell Centre just after his first solo album was memorable for a) NO Smiths songs, b) his refusal to speak to the audience, despite pleas from the crowd, and c) the kids in the line beforehand singing “Morrissey, Morrissey, Morrissey” to the tune of “Here we go, Here we go, Here we go”. You’ve never heard anything so pathetic as a bunch of indie kids wearing cardigans over band T-shirts trying to do terrace chants.

Anyway. The Chinned Wonder is a notoriously difficult interview, and this is an entertaining piece alright, but Coupland’s wussed out here, making up the word count with the same old quotes we’ve read a thousand times. Surely, having gone all that way, he could have got some new ones.


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