Hooray for Hollywood

My highlights from the Oscars before I got tired and went to bed.

– John Stewart is a really funny guy, even though some of the early political jokes didn’t go down too well with tinsel town’s finest. Still his Bjork and Scientology jokes made me laugh a lot.
– Ben Stiller killed in the green suit with his freaky amateur drama student schtick.
– Jack Nicholson wangled the seat next to Kiera Knightly. He’s still got it.
– Nice to see the Wilson bothers giving the award for best short live action movie, and describing how it all started for them with Bottle Rocket, a fine, fine film.
– Will Ferrell is the funniest guy alive, and you know why? Because he plays it absolutely straight.
– Nice to hear Howard Berger who won Best Makeup reference Where the Wild Things Are, obviously the best kids book ever, and soon to be a Spike Jonze film apparently.
– And it was funny to see a shot of the NZ coastline in the King Kong ‘nomination’ montage for Art Direction. Not a lot of actual art direction there, presumably.
– And while we’re on the topic, it makes me really proud to see all those NZers winning multiple oscars (Weta’s Richard Taylor’s up to five now), but TV3’s Belinda Henley was stretching it a tad to say “New Zealand’s REIGN at the Oscars continues. A handful of technical awards is hardly a reign.

– I loved the montages of Film Noir, Biographical, and ‘Social Conscience’ films. I know it’s rilly hip to be all cynical and that, but can I just say (quietly) aren’t The Movies magic?


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