Big Day Out 2006 – we came, we saw, we kicked its ass

Musical highlight one. “I’m Iggy and you’re Kiwi MotherF–kers!” Glad I got to see this lizard-like legend play with the Stooges, who pumped out the big dumb Flintstones-style Rock n Roll like they invented it, which they did, I guess.

Musical highlight two.“Remember, Meg’s not happy unless you’re all happy!” There’s some mixed reviews of the White Stripes show, but I loved ’em. Yeah, Jack should shave his goatee, and yes, he played more instruments than he should have, but the little bugger never stopped rocking hard, and produced some noises from his guitar that I didn’t think were possible. What the knockers need to remember is that Jack and Meg did it all for us – they just wanted us to have a good time listening to their bad ass, dirty-as, swamped out Rock n Roll. We did. And I loved the feedback.

The other musical highlights. The Go! Team were great once they settled into their set. Bollox to The Heralds’ Russell Baille for obviously watching just the first two songs, then buggering off to check out the Lynx Jet tent. Sleater-Kinney were great, as were what I caught of Kings of Leon. And fair play to 2Many DJs for dropping AC/DC in the Boiler Room late on.

Festival punters’ band T-shirt spotting report. Nirvana (several), Ramones (loads), Doors (1), AC/DC (1), Metallica (1). A BIG bonus to Ian for spotting Megadeath, some very sweet action there. No Pearl Jam, though.

Old git’s logistics report. “Nah, I’m not going to drink that much”. “You’ll have to queue up for ages for a beer, eh”. “There’s no bogs there”. “We’ll be the oldest ones there”. “Whine, whine, whinge”, etc, etc.
That was all bollocks, of course. Yeah we did have to queue a bit to get into the Wave Bar, but once we were in we could sit on the grass, talk crap, and pound a few Lion Reds in the sun while listening to the Magic Numbers (derivative shite). Lovely. And once we got down to the main stage area, there were some great loos with no queues in the grandstand. This is important, you know.
As for being the oldest ones there – not even close. I even spotted Roger Sheperd and Colin Hogg taking their places at the back of the herd for Iggy, and those guys are REALLY old.

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