Tag your itunes library

Tagging is everywhere that matters on the internet, so why not tag your itunes library as well? Here’s how I’ve done it.

com / comedy / comedy tracks followed by the comedian

ele / electronic / anything electronic, ie. drum machines, no guitars, faceless souless techno, whatever.

fav / favorite / My favourite tunes, usually by genre such as gat, ele, or anything. You’ll think of better ones than me.

gat / guitar / Anything with a six string on it. Lighters in the air, stage dives, brush cotton shirts, you get the idea.

new / new (geddit?) / Just new stuff you want to listen to, to see if you like it. New songs from Mp3 blogs go on here.

rnd / random / If you have plenty of a paticular artist, make a list of all their albums and set it shuffle for untold random Saxon, Debbie Gibson or George Benson. It’s up to you though, those are just examples, like.

trip / trip soundtracks / When you make a list for a trip, you might like to save it and name it to remember that car journey / plane ride / whatever. Does that sound soppy?

Other tips:
– I use the ‘my top rated’ function a lot to tag songs I want to mess with later. This often happens when you’re shuffling all your songs, and it’s really easy to on the go, too.
– Try and keep tags short, so you can read them on your iPod screen.
– Set all the lists to random, while you’re at it, it’s loads more fun.

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