Score! report.

Just so you know, Real Groovy is having the best sale at the moment. Here’s the results of my lunchtime stroll (21 degrees today in Auckland BTW).

fIREHOSE – Mr Machinery Operator. A very underrated band from the SST label (eg Husker Du, Sonic Youth, Black Flag, etc etc), I got into these guys after hearing them on an old skateboard video. They feature Mike Watt, who’s probably the best bass player in this kind of band around. Damage: $4

Primal Scream – Screamadelica. With songs produced by Andy Weatherall and The Orb, this is seminal stuff. While I’ll always think of Bobby Gillespie as the one armed drummer from The Jesus and Mary Chain, this will do nicely, been meaning to get it for ages. Damage: $15

Grant Lee Buffalo – Fuzzy. This guy’s got the best voice. See also his cover of ‘We’ve only just begun’ from that Carpenters covers album. Damage: $10

Ride – Carnival of Light. Alright, it’s no Nowhere (I frantically searched through the racks for that one – no dice). Hey, it was $4. Damage: $4

Big Red Letter Day – Buffalo Tom. Hint: the best BT songs aren’t by main singer and guitarist Tom Janovitz, but the quieter, more country-ish ones by bassist Chris Colbourn. Try ‘I’m Not There’ from Let Me Come Over. Damage: $6

Get in there.

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