The Warehouse kills Letraset

I see The Warehouse has a new logo (on the left). I really liked the old one (on the right), because it looked like a last minute job by a twelve year old. I can just see it – the day before Stephen opened the first Warehouse he thought “Shit! We need a logo! Here, little Davey, you’re good at art and all that, why don’t you come up with something?”. And little Davey went off and got his pencil, ruler, rubber (er, eraser), and Letraset and went to it. It’s got all the elements – the painstaking angles, the ‘almost out of room!’ bits on the ‘R’ and ‘W’, and best of all, the shadow. You can almost hear the cries of pain from Parnell design studios.

Letraset books were IT in our school. If you had one, you were easily the most popular kid in class, with offers of K-bars, Rashuns and Big Bens for a loan of it. You could spend hours looking at all the fonts and figuring our which ones would be easiest to trace. And then you’d use bubble writing anyway. Bit different to firing up Photoshop or what have you.

So it’s a shame The Warehouse’s logo has changed, it used to give me warm fuzzies looking at such a throwback logo all over the country in this day and age. I’m heartened that their new one still has an inherent kind of, well, shit-ness to it. Some things never change.

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