Top 5 – James Woods

Been busy, so here’s a quick ‘n’ easy post.

1. The Specialist. This film is shit soup, but JW’s ‘bomb’ speech is his finest moment.
2. Virgin Suicides. From the ridiculous to the sublime. He can do understated.
3. Vampires. The opening scene is one of my favorites also.
4. Cop. I love 80’s cop movies set in LA, Colors being the other prime example.
5. Salvador. Yeah, this movie is typical Oliver Stone-bombastic, but imagine hanging out on set with Ollie and JW so close to Columbia.

Checking IMDB, I’ve added several films to my must see list. Like Cat’s Eye, the film made from three Stephen King short stories. JW is in Quitters, Inc, the company that makes Allan Carr look like a total pussy.
And now I really want to get to James Woods’ bit in Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas. Can’t wait.

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