A new thing – the Sport Review New Zealand newsletter

I’m not convinced about the ‘newsletters are the new blogs’ chat. But, at the risk of sounding out of touch and longing for the Olden Days, I definitely support anything that operates in a web browser instead of an app. Claiming the internet back from walled gardens – Facebook, mainly – is good. If everyone created their […]

What’s In Your Bag, Bangladesh edition

I’m a big fan of features like The Verge’s What’s In Your Bag? and The Setup, where folk share the stuff they use everyday in a cheerfully narcissistic fashion. [Get the full run down on the Bangladesh trip over at sportreview.net.nz] For the last month I’ve been in Bangladesh with the BLACKCAPS, writing for our website, […]

The revolution will not be photoshopped competently

Here is the drill. Every so often I photoshop this photo into what I imagine will be a willfully obscure film / TV pop culture reference for my Twitter – which turns out to be depressingly predictable 80s fare nine times out of ten. You can see the rest of these here and here.  As always, apologies […]

You can’t troll a troll

On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to be on Social Media Club Auckland’s When communities go bad panel, along with Anna Connell, Mike Kooge and Chris Keall.   The panel. Photo filched from SMCAKL site.  Some brief thoughts: Being trolled is part of the territory for doing corporate social media. Of course, social media is just […]