Digital communication strategist and consultant

Greetings. If you need:

  • A digital strategy to tell your business’s story with impact or protect its reputation
  • Social media strategy, or crisis and reputation management
  • Engaging content (words, pictures, video)
  • A website or social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) to engage your customers or stakeholders
  • Media services, like press releases or media relations management
  • Training and advice on all the above, that you can understand

…I’m here to help.

I’ll listen to what you’re trying to achieve, the problems you’re having and how you like to work. I’ll help you define your core story, and how to tell it through your content, on social media or in your media engagement.

We’ll work in a way that suits you – let’s talk.

Happy to do shirts with collars or lanyard-chic, it’s your call.

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