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Quick run down on moving to Azure ahead of the Cricket World Cup from the Dom Post. ‘Keen to get into that’. Ahem.

Cinema’s greatest sandwiches

Television – Marquee Moon


Twitter: Woah – you mean email can help you do stuff? Not just rain down tasks you’ll never do like dirt on your coffin? I DID NOT know that!


I’m glad the right guy won. Sarah Palin was starting to freak me out. It’s only a few short hops from electing officials who can’t string a sentence together to this: So. Nice…

Jabba the Katz

Had a win in the pub quiz last night – here’s a Katz cartoon. Katz backstory and Flickr set.


spent most of today catching up on email from last week. felt like what I imagine baby seal hunting is like


Had house to myself for loud guitar practice. 15 minutes in, I’d already hit Guns n Roses AND AC/DC. Boy out of Hamilton, etc.


sick and having stuff done for me. I feel like a man from the 50s


ok – this man flu is starting to produce serious ‘congestion’. that wasn’t part of the deal.

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