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2015 in mobile phone photos

Here’s a ramble through 2015 expressed in the ‘photos I took on my phone’ medium. I’ve actually tried to take the DSLR actually out of its bag more often this year in order…

2013 in mobile phone pictures

Third instalment of mobile phone photos of the year, here’s 2011 and 2012. Big year this year, with new job and a big work trip, and trying to fit everything in. You can…

Hairy feet not pictured

[Click to make bigger] Hobbiton was ace.

Daddy-Mobile Mark XXXVII

Lads weekend 2013

2012 in mobile phone photos

I enjoyed doing this post so much last year, I’m doing it again. 2012 was ‘a bit calmer than 2011, but a bit more exhausting’. At New Year’s at the Mount, there was…



Cheating on Flickr

Once, Flickr was THE photo site, with one of great early online communities, formed around a shared love of photography. All the proper photographers I know are on Flickr. Me, I’ve got 1450…

2011 in mobile phone photos

There was a lot packed in to 2011. Earthquakes, an election, a world cup. A new baby and family stuff. Work. Here’s a summary in mobile phone photos, an idea I’ve pinched. Update…

I take photos

Santa makes a slow, silent and ultimately doomed bid for freedom Lunch A tugboat doing a wee, for the easily amused Sneaky bollard is sneaky Oceanside

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