Getting sociable and sensibile in the Bay

MediaSense is a new¬†social media conference put on by Hal Josephson, a Hawke’s Bay entrepreneur, impresario and top bloke. For me, this was a fantastic chance to meet folk I don’t normally meet, with people from all around the country attending. The Bay was well represented and I was most impressed with the locals’ friendliness […]

What’s your top Auckland song?

Cross-posted from the New-Look Aucklandista When I type ‘Auckland’ into my itunes I get exactly, ah, no results. Alright, there’s the Muttonbird’s ‘Dominion Road‘, a great song ruined by homesick ex-pats, and that punk-AK’79 affair about jumping off Grafton Bridge. Dublin must be shitting itself. We live in a very pretty city, team, so how […]