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Hack pack

Couple of notes on music apps: Garageband is really fun and powerful app – I use it on my iPad to record my electric guitar using the Tascam IXZ dongle and headphones, so…

Elliot Smith – Needle In The Hay


Dark Night Of The Soul, the collaboration between DangerMouse and Sparklehorse is available on teh torrents (it’s a *very* quick download). The album will be released as a blank CD-R to Stick It…

This ipod needs more Wes

My ‘Wes Anderson Soundtracks’ itunes playlist gets its’ fair share of air time, lending an effortlessly sophisticated aural sheen to any bbq or family get-together. If, like me, you’d like More Of This…

25 Albums

This meme is naming 25 albums that had a profound effect on you, the ones you listened to again and again, and have worn out copies in a number of formats. Being a…

Soppy Beatles Saturday

Husker Du – Something I Learned Today

Via Kung Fu Grippe

Where the grass is green

Chuck Klosterman reviews Chinese Democracy: Reviewing Chinese Democracy is not like reviewing music. It’s more like reviewing a unicorn. It’s like if Jeff Lynne tried to make Out Of The Blue sound more…

Me-ssa load letter

Check out’s best photoshop contest for a while – Star Wars characters in other movies. Probably not dial-up friendly.


Wired magazine has an oral history of War Games, the film that made me realise Dad’s TRS-80 was capable of more than 10 Print: You are a dick and 20: Goto 10. Possibly….

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