You can’t troll a troll

On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to be on Social Media Club Auckland’s When communities go bad panel, along with Anna Connell, Mike Kooge and Chris Keall.   The panel. Photo filched from SMCAKL site.  Some brief thoughts: Being trolled is part of the territory for doing corporate social media. Of course, social media is just […]

Getting sociable and sensibile in the Bay

MediaSense is a new social media conference put on by Hal Josephson, a Hawke’s Bay entrepreneur, impresario and top bloke. For me, this was a fantastic chance to meet folk I don’t normally meet, with people from all around the country attending. The Bay was well represented and I was most impressed with the locals’ friendliness […]

Gawker Media – sharpest keyboards on the interwebs

The Observer interviews Gawker Media’s Nick Denton Nick Denton is the blogosphere’s Baron Silas Greenback, sitting pretty in his New York loft/lair, having figured out what EVERYONE wants to know – how to make money off this here blog thing. I’ve loved Gawkers’ hilariously insulting beatdowns on the ‘internet famous’ for brief periods at a […]