Clickity clack, proper typing’s back

Apple’s Extended II Keyboards and their ‘proper’ clicking keystrokes are back, thanks to Griffin’s iMate ABD – USB converter.  Coveted by the likes of Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber, they feel very different to mushy, modern keyboards. Think more electric typewriter. Good examples go on Ebay for big money, but I got one of the coveted […]

Simple guide to burning an .AVI to DVD in OS X 10.4.11

Here’s how I burn .avi files to DVD. For a guide to why this guide exists, scroll down. You can click the pictures to make them bigger. 1. Get ffmpegx. It’s free and marvelous. Install and follow all the instructions. 2. Open your .avi and set it to convert to .mov. I accepted all the […]


Wired magazine has an oral history of War Games, the film that made me realise Dad’s TRS-80 was capable of more than 10 Print: You are a dick and 20: Goto 10. Possibly. That shit’s *still* really, really funny Kubrick nitty gritty fans should take an hour to watch this, or the time-poor should read […]