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Firefighting with James Cameron

“We have a big fire problem here,” he said. He mentioned that he has his own pump house. “We take the pool water, mix it with Class A foam, and pump it out…

Best. Trailer. Ever.

This ipod needs more Wes

My ‘Wes Anderson Soundtracks’ itunes playlist gets its’ fair share of air time, lending an effortlessly sophisticated aural sheen to any bbq or family get-together. If, like me, you’d like More Of This…

Attention box ticking fans!

I’m apparantly 45.6% addicted to film – how about you?.

Film personality test

Via this guy, via Kottke: I will propose a new personality test where you reblog your favorite movie from each of these directors: Joel Coen: No Country for Old Men, The Big Lebowski,…

Two links

I’m becoming a fan of Charlie Brooker – he wrote Dead Set, the ‘Big Brother house is the only refuge from the living dead’ TV series, and works himself into indignant hilarity every…

Huh? What the…?

You fell asleep watching a DVD. We’ve all been there. Pretty good selection, with Arrested Development and Shaun Of The Dead.

Me-ssa load letter

Check out’s best photoshop contest for a while – Star Wars characters in other movies. Probably not dial-up friendly.


Wired magazine has an oral history of War Games, the film that made me realise Dad’s TRS-80 was capable of more than 10 Print: You are a dick and 20: Goto 10. Possibly….

Link – Where the wild things are

Apparently Spike Jones’ Where The Wild Things Are adaptation is in trouble. Kids running from the theatre screaming trouble. Sounds great. The LA Times has the run down – along with bonus test…

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