Firefighting with James Cameron

“We have a big fire problem here,” he said. He mentioned that he has his own pump house. “We take the pool water, mix it with Class A foam, and pump it out over the whole property. Everybody else just runs for the hills.” He threw his hands up and did a squeaky voice. “ ‘Oh, my God!’ We sit and wait. Put on our yellow coats and our breathing gear and wait. And, you know what? It’s impressive. When these hills light up with a hundred-foot-tall wall of flames coming over the top of the hill there, you feel like it’s Armageddon.”

James Cameron is awesome.

Film personality test

Via this guy, via Kottke:

I will propose a new personality test where you reblog your favorite movie from each of these directors:

  1. Joel Coen: No Country for Old Men, The Big Lebowski, Fargo, The Hudsucker Proxy, Miller’s Crossing, Raising Arizona, etc
  2. Wes Anderson: The Darjeeling Limited, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The Royal Tennenbaums, Rushmore, Bottle Rocket, etc
  3. Hal Ashby: Being There, Shampoo, Harold and Maude, etc
  4. Kevin Smith: Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Dogma, Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Clerks, etc
  5. Quentin Tarantino: Grindhouse, Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, etc
  6. Stanley Kubrick: 2001, The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket, Dr. Strangelove, Lolita, etc.
  7. P.T. Anderson: Boogie Nights, Hard Eight, There Will Be Blood, Punch-Drunk Love, Magnolia.
  8. Errol Morris: The Thin Blue Line, The Fog of War, Mr. Death, Fast, Cheap and Out of Control, Gates of Heaven, etc.

For me, it’s Raising Arizona, Royal Tennenbaums, ?, Clerks, Pulp Fiction, The Shining, Boogie Nights and ?.

Is there a pattern? Not really – Raising Arizona and Boogie Nights are in my top five movies eva, and I LOVED Clerks first time around and it’s v. hard to choose a favorite Kubrick. Ashby and Morris are obviously gaping holes in my filmic landscape, etc. Better watch that Harold and Maude torrent ASAP.


Wired magazine has an oral history of War Games, the film that made me realise Dad’s TRS-80 was capable of more than 10 Print: You are a dick and 20: Goto 10. Possibly. That shit’s *still* really, really funny

Kubrick nitty gritty fans should take an hour to watch this, or the time-poor should read this article. It seems Kubrick would often phone people out of the blue to work with him, totally freaking them out in the process – there’s more of this kind of thing in this book.

I’m really enjoying the AV Club‘s Primer series – here’s The Kinks, Springsteen, Pixar, the Cohens, and Steven Spielberg.

Ooooh, and I’ve decided what kind of car I want now.