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Bressa Creeting Cake appreciation day

Bressa Creeting Cake recorded my fav NZ album ever – here’s my entry to Public Address System’s Soundtrack competition. It’s a fuck of an album.Bressa Creeting Cake for the most part went on…

New Cloverfield trailer

Empire has the latest trailer for Cloverfield, the mysterious monster mashup movie that ‘s got interweb nerds ordering an extra case of Mountain Dew and towelettes for extra long nights’ online debate. It’s…

God bless the Croatian fishies

Originally uploaded by richirvine73.

Pretty, innit?

Originally uploaded by richirvine73.

Pretty, innit?

Originally uploaded by richirvine73.

Blog neglect

I’m on holiday in the UK, Italy and Croatia until early October. If I get any decent photos, I’ll post them here – the most part will be on Flickr.Righto

Alright, just one

Link pinched from Spare RoomThis is like a documentary. One of the things I enjoyed about working life in Dublin was getting TOTALLY shitfaced with your colleagues on a very regular basis. Usually…

Score! Report

An ongoing series in which the blogger shares his budget orientated music and / or movie purchases, revealing something of both his refined taste and an unwillingness to shell out any decent cash…

Surf Spots 080806

– 14 Classic Tom Petty opening lines I’m a big fan of Tom and his nuggety, honest songs that always use the same three chords – they take me back to road trips…

Napster ‘99 all over again

Remember when Napster was a free for all? It was bloody magic, I was working in Dublin at the time downloading CRAPLOADS of music on a Celtic Tiger-provided high speed connection. The best…

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