Bressa Creeting Cake appreciation day

Bressa Creeting Cake recorded my fav NZ album ever – here’s my entry to Public Address System’s Soundtrack competition. It’s a fuck of an album.Bressa Creeting Cake for the most part went on to become vineyard and
orchstra salwarts Goldenhorse, after releasing my favorite NZ album, the eponymous Bressa Creeting Cake. Dodgy name (and cover) aside, BCC is choka with fine tunes, great playing and cheerful bizarreness. Track four ‘Superstation’ is an ode to buying petrol station pies, while ‘A Chip That Sells Millions’ tells the tale of a boy taking his food scientist Dad’s new chip flavor sachets to school to ‘blow his friends out with flavors they don’t know about’.It’s a rilly summery album, complete with cicadas running throughout ‘Zenax’, and the perfect pop opening of track one ‘Palm Singing’. The band took over a studio in Devonport to record it – having recently moved to the Shore I love that this ace album was recorded here (hey, Frank Sargeson lived on the shore too, hey? And Warwick Roger). Rocky Mountain is a fantastic laid back pop song, and was chosen for Flying Nun’s 25th Anniversary Box.

This is one of my most-listened to albums ever, and I’m still discovering little noises and lyrical phases. I love that this is BCC’s only recorded output, giving it the same ‘we made one perfect album and that’s it-ness’ of say, The Stone Roses (IF you don’t count Second Coming, which I don’t). I love its’ intelligence, sly humor, unabashed pop – I only wish I’d got to seen them live, and enjoy catching little BCC moments in Goldenhorse songs.

Further BCC resources here.

New Cloverfield trailer

Empire has the latest trailer for Cloverfield, the mysterious monster mashup movie that ‘s got interweb nerds ordering an extra case of Mountain Dew and towelettes for extra long nights’ online debate. It’s bought to you by Lost’s JJ Abrahams, and has loads of hand held camera stuff, plus shit blowing up – The Blair Godzilla Project, if you will.
Fill yer big monster fighting boots here
Bonus link: Is this the monster?

Alright, just one

Link pinched from Spare RoomThis is like a documentary. One of the things I enjoyed about working life in Dublin was getting TOTALLY shitfaced with your colleagues on a very regular basis. Usually on a Tuesday. It was typical for our director to declare over a nightclub table swimming with drink – “If I see any of you in before 11 tomorrow, you’re sacked”. Luckily the company went bust shortly after, so drink induced tardiness wasn’t a problem for long.

Score! Report

An ongoing series in which the blogger shares his budget orientated music and / or movie purchases, revealing something of both his refined taste and an unwillingness to shell out any decent cash for it.
What? Beatles Box Set – 11 albums, plus the Yellow Submarine and Rarities making 13 bits of Beatles vinyl, all in a cool gold box.

Why? I’ve been after one of these for a while. I first heard The Beatles at David Nichols’ place when I was about nine – his parents had The Beatles box, and we’d listen to them over and over. David was a mine of information – “they’re all recorded in Mono… this bit’s so high pitched only dogs can hear it…” and so on. My favorite song then was ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’, the horrible little story of a serial killer with a whimsical melody from Abbey Road.

A few weeks ago I sat down (after a few beers, something I never had at David’s place), and listened to Abbey Road again, and yes, side 2 is the best side in the history of music. And when I had a day to listen to the whole box in one go, it was quite overwhelming. There’s just so MUCH of it, and the difference between then and now is I’ve got all this Beatles lore floating around my head – the post-touring ones are the ‘real’ Beatles records, they did ‘Let It Be’ hardly speaking to each other and let Phil Spector rescue it, ‘Rubber Soul’ is the stoner record, not to mention the whole lot was done in ten short years give or take (THAT blows my mind). There’s the subsequent history to consider as well – John and George are dead, Paul did Wings and Ringo is Thomas the Tank Engine.

Still, I’ve got them all now, and forever to listen to them – I never bought Beatles albums or CDs, I made do with ‘1’ and ‘Imagine’ on my iPod, becuase I knew one day I’d want the whole lot in a box like this. I love seeing it in the shelf and thinking “I’ve got all The Beatles”.

Best bit Fark me. I’m going to go for last track, side 2 Abbey Road – The End.

Damage? $130 bucks from TradeMe

Surf Spots 080806

14 Classic Tom Petty opening lines I’m a big fan of Tom and his nuggety, honest songs that always use the same three chords – they take me back to road trips from The Mount to Tairua and back again listening to Full Moon Fever over and over and over. Or maybe just Silence Of The Lambs.- Ari Gold I’ve read a bit about this highly stressed, profane, nihilistic, mobile phone addict Ari Gold from Entourage. This is very popular in the US, and thanks to YouTube, we can have a look now, too. Looks like fun, not to mention the lamented Action.

Delia’s Half Time Snacks For the recent football World Cup, Guardian unlimited optimistically provided these recipes for UK footy fans to whip up at half time. Now I’ve experienced Brit ‘cuisine’ and if it’s not fried, battered, in pita bread or Chips, you’re struggling, really. Plus many of these require preparation pre-match, so she’s cheated there, but still, there’s some nice looking recipes.

Napster ‘99 all over again

Remember when Napster was a free for all? It was bloody magic, I was working in Dublin at the time downloading CRAPLOADS of music on a Celtic Tiger-provided high speed connection. The best bit was thinking “what about that one song I liked back in ’86?” – a quick search and there it was, you could go get those memories back.Now YouTube is doing the same with video, so get in there before killjoys with talk of ‘copyright’ and the like get it shut down. You’ll find all your own crap in no time, but here’s a selection of mine:Ricky Gervais’ band.
The oft-mentioned, never seen Seona Dancing. Paul Merton’s Room 101 show forces Rick to sit through his bad 80s haircut nightmare, he’s not all that amused by the look.Atari Ad. (nicked from Boing Boing)
All Ads should be like this. The usual disparity between promises made on the ad and / or box for old video games and what it actually LOOKED LIKE holds true here.

Sigmund the Seamonster
Here’s one of those ‘Do I really remember that, or was I that jacked up on sugar as a child I just hallucinated it?” questions answered. Yes, Sigmund exists.

The numbers / pinball song from Sesame Street – you know what I’m talking about.

Swearing Hamster
This is just really rude. And funny. (NSFW audio).

Go nuts – it won’t be like this forever, there’s endless music videos on there, as well as your favorite bits from your favorite films. Just don’t expect to get much done in the near future, you’ve been warned.