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I thundered in on the recent truck protest, and the Auckland International Film Festival on the Aucklandista

Graeme from Sportsfreak kindly published my nostalgic wallowing on the day we beat the Aussies in 1999

I did a couple of awesome (ahem) cartoons on Calling 101 and Martin Johnson phones it in

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What’s your top Auckland song?

Cross-posted from the New-Look Aucklandista

When I type ‘Auckland’ into my itunes I get exactly, ah, no results. Alright, there’s the Muttonbird’s ‘Dominion Road‘, a great song ruined by homesick ex-pats, and that punk-AK’79 affair about jumping off Grafton Bridge. Dublin must be shitting itself.

We live in a very pretty city, team, so how come there’s no catchy pop hits proclaiming sunny late afternoons on Ponsonby Road, driving around Tamaki Drive at night, or even a sea shanty to getting pissed down the Viaduct and jumping in the water? Surely we can do better?

To get us underway, I’m nominating ‘Silverdale‘ by ex-Bressa Creeting Cake guy Edmund Cake as my top Auckland song. Recorded in a secret Gore St lair, Silverdale is an bubbly ode to the joys of tripping around the shops on Saturday with your loved one. The whimsy-ometer goes off the clock on lines like “Driving to Silverdale – Bendon has a sale”, and “I’ll put my hand in your pocket, I’ll keep that docket.” Even Rendell’s gets a special mention.

Between us, we must be able to expand the Auckland Canon – what’s your top Auckland song?


I’ve just thundered in with a coupla posts on The Aucklandista – Two short points on Auckland bookshops, and I want to ride it where I like. I reckon you should get over there and read ’em, it’s heaps better than this blog.

Are you too nice? Do you only say ‘no’ to questions like ‘you won’t mind me giving you a Chinese burn and nicking the last sticky bun, then?’. Check out this article. It seems the secret to success is finding your inner Donald Trump. And yes, I can see their point. Dick.

The best muppet-based heavy metal primer you’ll see on the intenet this week can be found here.

Cross post – Open your own 80s video shop

The original is on the Aucklandista site

Remember video shops? Rewinding, fixing the tracking, due back by 12? As a lad, I’d spend hours in the corner video shop trawling the likes of Joysticks and Brewsters’s Millions to find the perfect tape for that weekend’s slumber party (it was a more innocent time back then, team).

If you ever wondered what happened to the films on those clunky black tapes, and struggle finding them nowadays among 50 copies of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, you’re in luck. Turns out they’re all available on DVD in the Queen Street JB HiFi‘s bargain bin for seven dollars each.

Today’s perusal uncovered sub-Top Gun flick Iron Eagle, featuring Louis Gosset and a kick arse Queen theme tune, Steve Martin’s The Jerk, which was technically made in 1979, but remains a stalwart of ’80s video shops nonetheless, David Cronenberg’s weird-ass Videodrome, which bought James Woods and Debbie Harry together at last, and, um, Streets of Fire. Ahem.

This bin is AMAZING, and if I’m heading past I have to cross the street for fear of enthusiastically emptying my wallet all over it. I picked up Friday the 13th and Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes on one particularly vulnerable day – I blame the “I’m Cheap, Buy Me!” stickers. The stock seems to turn over fairly regularly, and is fully worth a trawl if your self-control is any better than mine.

Cross post: Fisking the Herald on the Northern Busway

You can read the original over on the Aucklandista

For Aucklanders, traffic is big, right up there with property prices and ‘How’s my hair?’. THAT big. So when I moved to the Shore (love makes you do crazy things, team), getting to work weighed heavily on my mind. I mean, Shore traffic is crap, right? The Northern Motorway is one big car park, right? Turns out I was wrong, the Shore is a haven of public transport – but not according to the Herald. Jump to find out why Granny Herald is talking out its delivery bay.

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