Just heaps of dolphins

This was on the return from a trip to Astrolabe Reef to scatter my uncle’s ashes. It was an emotional and fascinating day. He was a mad keen diver from the days where…

Hack pack

Couple of notes on music apps: Garageband is really fun and powerful app – I use it on my iPad to record my electric guitar using the Tascam IXZ dongle and headphones, so…

2015 in mobile phone photos

Here’s a ramble through 2015 expressed in the ‘photos I took on my phone’ medium. I’ve actually tried to take the DSLR actually out of its bag more often this year in order…

Dawdling to the pavilion

Here’s an overdue update on the career situation – in May 2015 I left New Zealand Cricket for Fonterra. I wanted to wrap up the two years before it all disappears in a fond,…

How I live-tweet cricket for the BLACKCAPS

As a twitter nerd, and a cricket nerd, when I got a job at New Zealand Cricket, getting to live-tweet BLACKCAPS matches was a bit of a nerd explosion. I’ve been at it…

(Sports) Geeking out

You can listen to me on Sean Callahan’s Sports Geek podcast, talking, our social media stuff and wot’s coming up for the world cup. Sean’s based in Melbourne and works with a… coverage

Quick run down on moving to Azure ahead of the Cricket World Cup from the Dom Post. ‘Keen to get into that’. Ahem.

Hot Irish Times sidebar action

In which I try to sum up the entire culture of New Zealand in two paras.

Peak nerd

Making custom retro-look mute and volume labels for the good old Apple Extended II (which now lives at work) that I remapped the function keys for is probably a sign of… something.  

Live n social on the radio

Social media impresario Vaughn Davis was extremely kind to invite me on his radio show for a ramble through the BLACKCAPS, Telecom,‘s ten year anniversary and the mobile apps I use on…

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