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25 Albums

This meme is naming 25 albums that had a profound effect on you, the ones you listened to again and again, and have worn out copies in a number of formats. Being a…

Move over, Hal

How to make hard drives even sexier than they already are.

Read: Flesh and Blood – Michael Cunningham

American family from immigrant background live an increasingly desperate life. Cunningham has an extremely skillful turn of phase, and despite several hard twists and turns in his story (there’s several ‘oh shit‘ moments),…

Soppy Beatles Saturday

Read: To Have And Have Not – Ernest Hemmingway

Wikipedia says Hemmingway reckoned To Have And Have Not is ‘a bunch of junk’. I reckon he’s right. It’s a mish-mash of a couple of short stories.  One’s about Harry Morgan, a hard…

Read: Grapes Of Wrath – John Steinbeck

I’m doing a quick, one paragraph review of novels I read this year – so I’ve got a record, apart from anything else. Like a roller coaster, the first bit was a bit…


From an interview with Derek Powazek (who designed the WordPress theme for this site): In many ways, I’m a member of the generation of writers that the web has created. Without the web,…

Carbohydrate update

I grew these potatoes using Llew’s method: The red ones grew better than the brown-skinned ones. And I baked this bread using me Dad’s back of the envelope recipe:

Facebook interesting-ness

Burn friends – get a Whopper! Here’s the app.

Fav reads of 2008

I read embarrasingly little that was *new* in 2008. But I did get lots read – thanks, bus commuting and baby-enforced early nights. My best were: – East of Eden, with a surprising…

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