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Couple of notes on music apps:

Garageband is really fun and powerful app – I use it on my iPad to record my electric guitar using the Tascam IXZ dongle and headphones, so as not to wake the kids.

Here’s me butchering George Harrison’s Something in Garageband:

The backing guitar uses the Americana Tremolo amp, while the ‘lead’ is on the Orange amp using some delay and compression.

You can use Garageband to make bedroom demos like this, using your instruments or a microphone, or the vast array of smart instruments and loops included.

Other guitar apps I like are:

Jamup – loads of amps and pedals to play with

Guitar Tuna – always have a tuner with you (also Pitch Lab)

Ultimate Guitar tabs – industry standard for finding tabs on the net, now in app form!

And here’s a good one for the bus – Beatwave – for all yer DJ / producer needs.

A sample – don’t let my incompetence put you off.

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